3x 120mins Live Zoom Sessions with Marc Romboy

199 EUR
(early-bird tickets until May 16, afterwards 229 EUR)

plus the possibility of purchasing an additional One-To-One Mentoring with Marc Romboy (available for participants only) = 149 EUR

JUNE 11 / 12 / 13, 2021

DAY #1

* Exclusive introduction Marc's studio
* How To Be Creative
* Exlusive Project Insights Part 1 (Track) 

DAY #2

* Exclusive Project Insights Part 2 (Track)
* Music bizz in a nutshell and the anatomy of a license contract

DAY #3

*  Exclusive Project Insights Part 3 (Remix)
* How To Send a Demo
* Show your own track


After the two successful Systematic Masterclassses, one alone and one together with Robert Babicz, Marc Romboy had the idea to do his masterclass as a weekender as obviously it is sometimes difficult to find the time during the week. Join the 3x 120mins Zoom Sessions at 7pm CET on June 11 / 12  / 13 where Marc will talk about his 30 years of experience with running several labels, touring around the world and releasing more than 1.000 tracks. It’s your chance to have an exclusive look into his studio and he will also give you an insight of both the production and also the electronic music world. 

Besides the 3 times 120min online seminar, there will be an additional 60min One To One mentoring available to purchase for all Wholeness Masterclass participants. You will be able to discuss your very personal questions and/or show your demo tracks so that you have all the tools to become a successful electronic artist.

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